Montgomery’s Ogleshield

Montgomery's Ogleshield

From the pastures of Cadbury Castle, Ogleshield is made using the beautifully rich milk from the  Jersey cows.  The cheese is washed with a special brine every three days to achieve a slightly pungent moist rind which softens the cheese and gives it an extra depth of flavour.  

When Jamie inherited the role of cheese master from his mother, Elizabeth, he also inherited “mother’s pets” – a beautiful Pedigree herd of Jersey cows.  The Jersey herd has grown with the family since 1919 when Elizabeth’s mother, Lady Langman, kept one cow in the orchard to provide the family with its special milk.  Now there are over 100 Jersey cows all bred on the farm using top Pedigree bulls. Each cow is individually named, using the meaning of its mother’s name to produce family lines of, for example, Shakespearean characters, flowers, food or drinks.

A superb Westcountry Raclette-style cheese, it’s delicious eaten on its own and melts magnificently too.

Why the name Ogleshield?

The shield is a Bronze Age ‘Yetholm’ Shield, symbolic of high rank and status, which was discovered buried on Cadbury Castle in 1997.  Ogle comes from William Oglethorpe of Neal’s Yard Dairy who helped Jamie to arrive at the successful recipe for the cheese which has since won accolades such as Best English Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2004.

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