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Montgomery’s Cheddar
Montgomery's Cheese Ogleshield
Montgomery’s Ogleshield
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Perfected over
Three generations…

Welcome to Montgomery’s Cheese in North Cadbury, Somerset.

The Montgomery family has been farming in North and South Cadbury in Somerset since Jamie Montgomery’s grandfather, Sir Archibald Langman, bought the farm in 1911. Archibald continued traditional cheesemaking until his daughter, Elizabeth Montgomery, took over in the 1960s, ensuring the high quality standards were adhered to and nurturing the recipe for thirty years. Jamie inherited the role of cheese master of the family.

Like his mother and grandfather before him, Jamie is committed to every aspect of the production of his cheese, from the quality of the grass that his cows graze through to the taste and texture of the final product.

Montgomery's Cheese stack

Award winning cheese, handmade in Somerset

The milk from our own herd of Friesian cows that roam our 1,200-acre farm is used exclusively for making our cheddar cheese, considered by many as the benchmark for Somerset cheddar. Montgomery’s Cheddar is still made using the traditional methods of ‘cheddaring’ – (cutting, stacking and turning the curds by hand), ‘pint’ starter (as opposed to the powders favoured by industrial cheesemakers) and a slow peg mill.

Our unique Ogleshield cheese is produced using the beautifully rich milk from our pedigree herd of Jersey cows, who roam the pastures of Cadbury Castle.

Montgomery’s Cheese